The Wollaton Watch Programme

The Wollaton Watch Programme
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The Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity has created a series of online programmes, broadcast on Notts TV and Facebook Live, called Wollaton Watch. The Wollaton Watch programme brings different partners together to create content, promote environmental science appreciation and understanding across a wide range of groups and individuals.

The programme was hosted live from Wollaton Hall over five evenings throughout the Festival in February 2021, and includes activities, interviews and pre-recorded footage exploring the environments and natural habitats across Nottinghamshire. The programme uses creative approaches to engaging the natural environment in both urban and county-wide locations working with local communities and including young people as a specific partner group.

Wollaton Watch currently comprises five hours of broadcast material in 45 video clips – mostly made by local groups and young people plus at least three films made as art commissions (supported with funds from Arts Council and Heritage Lottery Fund). The programme will return in 2022.

To get involved in Wollaton Watch visit the Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity website

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