The Virtual Community Science Camp

The Virtual Community Science Camp
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The Virtual community Science Camp (now online due to the Coronavirus pandemic) comprises a series of events run from February to May 2021. The programme presents research learning opportunities for early career environmental researchers to boldly re-imagine how to co-create environmental solutions with community partners in order to recognise, respect and respond to the needs of communities, science and society.

The impacts of climate change and ecological crises are now being felt directly and indirectly by communities across the world, yet, existing platforms to connect with affected communities are often one-directional and fail to engage the communities in a meaningful way. Hence this Engaging Environments Partnership with EarthWatch Europe creates a platform for bringing together practitioners and partners from research institutions and community and conservation-based NGOs across the UK to work towards social and sustainability goals such as recovery from COVID-19 and creating healthy and resilient environments, since this require swift collective efforts, strong leadership and people working together across sectors and government levels.

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