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This website, www.climatehub.uk, has been created by The UK Association for Science and Discovery Centres (ASDC) with funding from the Scottish Government.

Across 2021, Science Centres, Discovery Centres, museums, universities, schools, brownies, cities, festivals and a host of other organisations across the UK and the world are celebrating COP26 and striving to do more to address climate change.

As the major UK network for engaging families and the public with science out of school, we have created this Climate hub to bring together the huge range of resources, activities, events and carbon cutting brilliance, so everyone can share resources and knowledge. The aim is to share what we all have, to engage more people than we otherwise could, and to make a step change in what we all do in relation to climate.

This website also brings together COP26 and climate events in a searchable and uploadable manner, along with carbon cutting programmes that other organisations can learn from.

As this is a website created for the community, we would be delighted if you would share your event posting across your social media after publishing it here. This will ensure that climate events reach an even wider audience.

About The UK Association for Science and Discovery Centres

The UK Association for Science and Discovery Centres (ASDC) is a national charity that brings together the UK’s major science engagement organisations to play a strategic role in the nation’s engagement with science. Within our network are over 60 of the nation’s largest publicly accessible Science Centres, Discovery Centres, Science Museums and Scientific Bodies.

In pre-Covid years, 25 million people of all ages and backgrounds choose to get involved with science at one of the UK’s Science and Discovery Centres or Science Museums. This equates to nearly half a million people every week who come to explore and discuss science and all areas of climate and environment in an involving and personal way.

To find out more about us, and our range of national STEM programmes covering environmental science, climate, biology, physics, inclusion, space and much more, please visit our website: www.sciencecentres.org.uk

To see a Map of all the UK Science and Discovery Centres, visit  www.sciencecentres.org.uk/centres

ASDC is a National Charity funded through individual project grants that we bid for, along with membership fees from centres.

This website has been created by the ASDC CEO Dr Penny Fidler, to make a step change in how we as a nation engage families, schools and children with climate change and to help make it clear the steps we all need to take vigorously to secure our future.