The Birmingham Institute for Forest Research (BIFoR)

The Birmingham Institute for Forest Research (BIFoR)
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BIFoR has catalysed some game-changing education initiatives at the University of Birmingham. In collaboration with the University of Birmingham’, Higher Education Futures Institute (HEFI) we have developed a number of teaching materials around the water and carbon cycles which are being embedded both the in the GCSE curriculum and our own undergraduate teaching.

Virtual BIFoR is available through this link.

Visitors to the site can explore the BIFoR FACE facility, here.

Clicking on the dots will either provide written information or a video about the experiment. Clicking on a question mark leads to an education resource such as a dendrometer dataset investigating how eCO2 affects tree growth or a task looking at how fungal pathogens will respond to climate change. It is an exciting opportunity to engage schools and other members of the public who may not be able to visit the FACE site.

2022 will see further teaching resources made available including a virtual GCSE Geography field trip.

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