Country Under Threat (European Space Agency)

Country Under Threat (European Space Agency)
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Global warming is causing polar ice sheets and glaciers to melt, adding more water to the oceans. Warming water also expands, causing the height of the sea’s surface to rise. The combination of high tides, sea level rise and storm waves endanger the survival of islands, costal communities and entire nations all around the world.

This printable pack contains four ready-to-use activities suitable for use in school, with youth groups or at home:
– A scene-setting story featuring children from Kiribati that leads into an activity on working scientifically and writing to instruct.
– Practical activities using models made from everyday materials to visualise and monitor the changes leading to sea-level rise.
– Exploring real climate data to investigate the relationship between sea-surface temperature and changes in sea level.

This is one of a range of packs produced by the ESA Climate Office and available here
Further ESA resources for teaching about climate can be found here

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