Urban Hotspots (European Space Agency)

Urban Hotspots (European Space Agency)
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The urban heat island effect is a phenomenon that leads to temperatures in cities often being higher than those in surrounding rural areas. This effect is amplified during heatwaves. As the world becomes more urbanised, and heatwaves become more likely due to climate change, building cities that reduce this effect becomes ever-more important.

This printable pack contains three ready-to-use activities suitable for use in school, with youth groups or at home:
– Exploring temperature variations within a city and applying this to their own environment.
– An introduction to how satellites above the atmosphere are used to determine the temperature of the land.
– Using real climate data to compare temperature variations in rural and urban areas across several years.

This is one of a range of packs produced by the ESA Climate Office and available here
Further ESA resources for teaching about climate can be found here

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