DRY: Diary of a Water Super Hero – (book with teacher notes for primary school)

DRY: Diary of a Water Super Hero – (book with teacher notes for primary school)
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This book and teacher’s notes were produced by an interdisciplinary team at the University of the West of England, Bristol as part of the NERC-funded DRY (Drought Risk and You project). The book received a Silver Publishers’ Award from the UK Geographical Association (see link to blog post below).

The picture book aims to engage young people (KS2) about the risk of UK drought, the different ways emerging drought shows itself, and the drought myths that pervade in the UK. It then goes on to explore possible adaptive actions, and where young people can have agency to increase positive water relations and build drought resilience in their family and communities.

The storyline of the book, written as a young girl’s diary, runs monthly over the course of a year in a city in the UK. It tells how an ordinary schoolgirl (approx. 10 years old) in the UK transforms into a water superhero when a dry summer and winter with little rainfall lead to drought. Seeing life through ‘water goggles’, the girl shares her new-found understanding and respect for water with her family. On her stimulus, family members start to change their lifestyle habits. She then works to share this love and understanding of water with her school and community, as the drought progresses. Throughout, we chose actions that young people could do themselves in order to emphasise the message of personal agency. The online virtual book comes with accompanying teacher’s notes.

The book (in English and Welsh) and teacher’s notes can be accessed/downloaded here

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