Taking the Pulse of the Planet KS3 (European Space Agency)

Taking the Pulse of the Planet KS3 (European Space Agency)
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Satellites offer a unique global perspective on the Earth’s climate. Earth observation satellites take daily images that reveal a wealth of detail about our changing planet and we now have over three decades of observations describing some of the most important climate variables. These are essential for setting up climate models and checking their accuracy.

This printable pack contains three ready-to-use activities suitable for use in school KS3, with youth groups or at home:
– A scene-setting text explaining how different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum can be used to explore different parts of the Earth’s climate system.
– An activity using online Earth observation data to explore the best way to monitor changes in various landscapes (links to curriculum work on mixing coloured light).
– Using real climate data to investigate a major drought or flood.

This is one of a range of packs produced by the ESA Climate Office and available from https://climate.esa.int/en/educate/
Further ESA resources for teaching about climate can be found at https://climatedetectives.esa.int/classroom-resources/

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