How the Tech community is combating climate change

How the Tech community is combating climate change
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How the Tech Community is Combating Climate Change + Free Resources and GitHub Projects

According to an article from Time magazine, 2020 was the year of climate extremes. Numerous research studies have shown that many of the natural events that occurred in 2020 would not have happened, or happened to the same severity, without the warming of the planet. These changes include increasing temperatures, extreme weather events, the displacement of wildlife populations, rising sea levels, and more.

Although climate change is a large and complex problem, the tech sector is taking some steps to help make the industry more climate-friendly. For example, there is a growing trend to make technology and software more “carbon-efficient,” which takes into account energy efficiency factors and results in fewer carbon emissions released per unit of work.

Throughout this article, you will gain a greater understanding of climate change and its effects and learn how the tech community is fighting climate change through carbon-efficient, green digital, and software solutions. We will conclude by sharing a list of technology resources you can use to take action, including GitHub projects, libraries, APIs, open data sets, and more.

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