What do you want to know about biodiversity loss? (Royal Society)

What do you want to know about biodiversity loss? (Royal Society)
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The Royal Society’s new classroom resources, based on the latest evidence available to scientists, can be used to engage students of all ages in discussions about biodiversity loss.

As with our climate resources, these Q&A based resources come in two ability levels to suit those aged 7 to 18: a basic 10 question and answer version suitable for primary school students or younger secondary school students, and an extended 20 question and answer version for older secondary school students, expanding on the basic set and using slightly different terminology. The imagery used in these packs is designed to be appealing to young children, helping to get them involved in the conversation. The extended version can also be used to improve and enhance teachers’ own knowledge in this area.

Access both versions in various formats (PDF, PowerPoint and poster) here

A 5-minute biodiversity animation, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, will be released on our website towards the end of September 2021 to accompany these resources.

Shared under an attribution license, so please credit the Royal Society.

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