This is Engineering: Sustainable Futures

This is Engineering: Sustainable Futures
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Some of the biggest challenges we face stem from how we interact with our environment, and engineering is essential to finding sustainable solutions.

From renewable power to recycling, to making our homes more energy efficient, and tackling how we feed a growing population, engineering is a vital field.

The challenges in this STEM resource invite learners to explore some of these important and pressing problems that society faces, encouraging them to act and think like engineers to find their own solutions to a sustainable innovation design challenge.

This resource is designed to provide practical and contextualised applications where students and teachers can see the role that STEM-based learning plays in real-world engineering scenarios.

Each of the activities and challenges have links across science, maths and design technology. However, some activities will be more heavily weighted towards one subject.

Don’t worry! Experience or subject knowledge about engineering and STEM subjects is not required. The resource has been designed to allow students to learn independently and at their own pace, with your support as a facilitator, not a subject expert.

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