The Carbon Cycle (European Space Agency)

The Carbon Cycle (European Space Agency)
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Carbon compounds are essential to life. A range of natural processes cycles carbon between the ocean, the land and the atmosphere. The key to controlling climate change is understanding and managing this carbon cycle – cutting down emissions of carbon to the atmosphere while increasing the amount of carbon stored in other places.

This printable pack contains three ready-to-use activities suitable for use in school, with youth groups or at home:
– A text-based activity introducing the carbon cycle and exploring behaviours that affect the carbon footprint of individuals and communities.
– A practical activity exploring the effect of acidic oceans on carbon in the atmosphere.
– Exploring real climate data to investigate patterns and trends in the concentration of greenhouse gases and their relationship with other climate variables.

This is one of a range of packs produced by the ESA Climate Office and available here
Further ESA resources for teaching about climate can be found here

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