Sustainable Schools: an IDL STEM design challenge

Sustainable Schools: an IDL STEM design challenge
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This interdisciplinary approach using STEM/ STE(A)M subjects involves the learners being ‘hooked’ by a plea from the head of their Council to design a new school sustainably. Ideas of fair trading and fair testing are explored in the resource.
It comprises five sessions: auditing your school’s current sustainable features, learning about fair trading using:
a maths building game, designing and then making a sustainable school t-shirt (fast fashion), building a windmill with easy materials, applying the fair test principle in which scenario the windmill works better.

Learning outcomes in the Curriculum for Excellence
TCH 2-02b, TCH 2-04b, TCH 2-06a, TCH 2-07a, TCH 2-09a, MNU 2-10b, MNU 2-20b, MTH 2-16c, SCN 2-04a, SCN 2-20b, SOC 2-08a, SOC 2-20a, EXA 2-06a, LIT 2-02a, LIT 2-07a.
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