Our City Our Future

Our City Our Future
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Our City Our Future emerged from ClairCity, an EU research project that sought to include citizens in decision-making processes around clean air and climate change across Europe. Over 3,500 children and young people were involved during the course of the project from 2016-2020, taking part in various school lessons and activities to learn the problems and collectively come up with solutions.

This STEAM Eco Club Challenge makes use of some of the most popular resources, allowing children to:

1) explore the issues of air pollution and climate change
2) experiment
3) raise awareness
4) imagine a better future
5) have their say about things that matter to them and feel like they are making a difference

Each child will leave with a greater understanding of the issues, as well as new skills in scientific research, debating and oration, art and creativity, and persuasive writing.

This resource was created by the ClairCity project and is now hosted on the Curiosity Connections website: https://curiosityconnections.net/resource/6-week-steam-eco-club-challenge-our-city-our-future/