Can we adapt to a changing climate?

Can we adapt to a changing climate?
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Throughout history, humanity’s survival has depended, in part, on our ability to adapt to natural fluctuations in our environment. And now, as our planet faces unprecedented shifts in the climate, it has never been more important for us to change with it. While global efforts are focused on preventing further damage, some degree of climate change is inevitable.

Chaired by journalist and former Climate Change Editor at Nature magazine, Dr Gabrielle Walker, this discussion explored stories of climate adaptation from humanity’s past, and the importance of adaptation in the future. Panelists included polar and paleoclimate expert Professor Eric Wolff FRS, environmental journalist, broadcaster and Royal Society Insight Investment Science Book Prize winner, Gaia Vince, and archaeologist of Alaskan Indigenous sites, Dr Rick Knecht.

This video is in partnership with the British Museum and is part of the public programme accompanying the Museum’s Citi exhibition Arctic: culture and climate.

Image: Tundra in Ilulisaat, Greenland. Credit: Kiliii Yuyan