The Big Bounce festival 2020

The Big Bounce festival 2020
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Watch back the live Youtube events for families from last year’s Big Bounce – a festival of physics in Glasgow’s East End. Join the celebration of physics and how it’s helping to tackle the climate crisis and change the world!

The videos are all original content, and are suitable for schools, youth groups and family settings. Please get in touch for use at festivals, as live events can be arranged.


Power Up!
Kids take on the role of young engineers in our fun-filled show Power Up!, where we check out alternative, renewable energy sources.

Climate Change – Simple, Serious, Solvable.
Dr James Rae tells you how global heating actually works, and also busts some pretty mean moves.

Fusion Future – The Sun’s Power on Earth.
Melanie Windridge explores fusion, the reaction that powers the stars. Small particles collide and produce huge amounts of energy with no greenhouse gases and no long-lived radioactive waste. This makes fusion the ultimate energy source and when it works, it will change the world.